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Shariah Guidance

Turning a Business Shariah Compliant

Shariah compliance doesn’t encompass merely financial transactions, rather it covers each and every activity of an organization whether it is hiring of an employee, procurement of a good, customer services or even marketing.


Ihdinaa, with its highly esteemed Shariah Board, intends to ensure that all non-compliant activities are weeded out of our Partner organizations who have mandated us for advisory.

Shariah Board Services

Financial Institutions may require developing a Shariah-compliant product without having a Shariah Compliance structure in place. In such a case, we will provide comprehensive assistance including establishing of Shariah Board, assistance in obtaining Fatawas (Islamic ruling), providing adhoc Shariah scholars and Shariah Supervisory Board.

Establishing Islamic Finance Window

Complete ‘door to door’ solution for Financial institutions including Insurance companies who intend to establish a window for Islamic finance solutions. This could include designing of front and back-end process flows, documentation, compliance with regulatory framework, services of Shariah advisory board and staff training.